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We at want to help people plan their journey in the easiest way possible. Our website uses various data sources to calculate various metrics of your journey. These metrics might help you to plan your journey the right way.

  1. Distance between source and destination.
  2. Travel map from google, bing and openmaps.
  3. Possible travel intineraries.
  4. Various routes available.
  5. Cost and expenditures
  6. Possible stay options, curated best hotels all over the world.
  7. Hacks to make your journey cheaper.
  8. Public transporations
  9. Car and bike journey routes.
  10. Places to visit during the journey.
  11. Air distance / Road trip distance / Train Route Distance etc.
  12. Rules / Tips to make your journey experience better.
And many more content generated by our backend engine, which is 100% accurate and the best in the industry.

Recent Trips Planned

Source Destination Trip Details Distance
Ruby Hall Hospital Connaught Place Road View Trip 10.0
Bicol Cataingan View Trip 221.0
Hoskote Triplicane View Trip 311.0
Tongue Castletown View Trip 77.0
Navapur Yeola View Trip 191.0
Yousufguda Main Rd Mehdipatnam View Trip 7.0
Wisma Tnb Taman Serindit View Trip 3.0
Gajraula Anoopshahr Rd View Trip 70.0
Melbourne VIC
Via: newell hwy
Mackay QLD 4740 View Trip 2334.0
Mydukur Bus Depot NTR Bus Station View Trip 328.0

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Efficient travel planner

To plan your trip efficiently and effectively to the point that traveling becomes cheap and luxurious use Travel Planner. helps you in every step of your traveling from planning to finding hotels to exploring more places nearby. We are your one-stop destination for all travel needs.

Choosing the best route

DBHq suggests the best route and thus helping you in covering distances with less hassle. We do this by taking traffic, time, mode of transport, road conditions, weather, previous trips etc into consideration.

Weather Report

With our weather partner [previously] we help you by showing weather information for your trip. We also provide you tips of things that to carry for different weather conditions.

Explore More Destinations

Our platform can also suggest you various places nearby. This can help you in exploring places you wouldn't know about. We also suggest you various hotels and stay options.

Mode Of Transport

Using our platform you can also explore various transit options available. We also help you choose various modes of transport to make your journey comfortable. Our budget calculator helps in selecting the right mode of transport.

Distance Calculator

With google and openstreet api we help you calculate any distance between places or between cities. Our software is accurate to the point google is.