289.0 Km - Distance From Mahone bay To Joggins

Road distance from Mahone bay to Joggins is 289.0 Km . Find travel time, best route, available buses , trains , weather, travel cost, hotels, travel map,traffic status. Read the below guide to find more details about this journey, we have sorted out all information you need to know for traveling from Mahone bay To Joggins.

Distance Between Mahone bay And Joggins Summary:

Mahone bay, ns, canada
Joggins, ns b0m, canada
Road Distance 289.0 Km
Travel Time 180 Minutes - 3 hour(s) 0 minutes(s)
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How to travel from Mahone bay to Joggins

For a journey of 289.0 Km, you should always prefer Trains and Flights but you can also drive a car yourself. Below are a few modes of transport you can choose:

  • Train:
    Trains are always best and cheap mode of travelling, it's easy on your pocket and comfortable. Check the trains section below to find trains for this journey.
    If trains are not availble you can always choose a bus instead, Bus will take you around 180 Minutes - 3 hour(s) 0 minutes(s) of travel time.
  • Flights: Flights are not always costly, check your itienary in booking.com, you might find a cheap deal. Always plan your journey 30days - 3 months ahead of your date of journey.
  • Drive / Ride: If you have your own vehicle or planning to rent one you can always drive /ride to Mahone Bay. Checkout the best route from Map section.

Trip Detail Information

  • Distance:
    Flight distance for the trip is 274.55 Kms / 170.633934121 Miles / 148.245140389 Nautical Miles.
    Road distance for the trip is 289.0 Kms / 179.614667495 Miles / 156.047516199 Nautical Miles. More Calculations.
  • Trip Cost Estimate:
    Taking a public transport would cost you around, 867.0 Indian Rupees / 72.25 USD. Travelling on a public transport is always easy on your pocket, while cost of other mode of travel might vary from 2890.0- 5780.0 Indian Rupees / 144.5- 578.0 USD.
  • Travel Time:
    Average travel time taken to travel from Mahone Bay To Joggins is around 180 Minutes - 3 hour(s) 0 minutes(s).

Travel Map For Mahone bay To Joggins

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Find Driving Direction From Mahone Bay To Joggins - Calculate Best Route & Traffic Condition

Click the Load Direction button to load all available driving routes between Mahone Bay And Joggins, These routes are calculated by taking various metrics in consideration.

  • Live Traffic Condition
  • Road Blocks Or Road under construction
  • Type of road & Speed limit
  • Historic trips by google users
  • Weather Condition
are few major metrics in calculating best route. If you are not driving yourself you can check the public transport section for finding buses and trains available.

Calculating best route

Best route can be selected from the suggested routes panel. As best route can vary from user to user we let you select one for your use. Try selecting different route depending on:

  • Travel Time
  • Mode of transport
  • Live traffic
  • Road condition

Complete Itienary

Origin Of Journey

Mahone Bay, NS, Canada
Latitude 44.4491
Longitude -64.3886
State Nova Scotia
Country Canada
Wikipedia Url View
289.0 Km's
180 Minutes - 3 hour(s) 0 minutes(s)

Your Destination

Joggins, NS B0M, Canada
Latitude 45.6926
Longitude -64.4441
State Nova Scotia
Country Canada
Wikipedia Url View

Weather of Mahone Bay

Weather of Joggins

Current Weather

16.095 ℃
Partly Cloudy
Todays Weather

3.33 ℃
Mostly cloudy starting this evening.
Weekly Weather

Light rain tomorrow through Wednesday, with high temperatures bottoming out at 58°F on Wednesday.
  • Summary: According to Yahoo today we are expected to have Partly Cloudy weather in Joggins.
  • There is no chance of rain today.
  • Ozone will be 355.64 dobson unit [250-300 DU is considered to be safe].
  • Dew Point: Expected dew point today is 43.41 degrees [Comfortable due point is considered to be 60 degrees].
  • Atomospheric Pressure: is expected to be around 1013.12 millibar.
  • Wind speed: Average wind speed will be 8.41 km/h.
  • Cloud coverage: Expected clouds compared to sky will be 28.0%.
  • Humidity: Humidity today will be around 51.0%.

Hotels Near / In Mahone Bay

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Hotels Near / In Joggins

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Public Transport between Joggins And Mahone Bay

Public transportation system is always the cheapest mode of travel between any two destination. Public transport consists of Bus, Metro, Trains And Flights. In this section we will help you find one between Joggins And Mahone Bay.

Find Buses / Trains / Metros running from Joggins To Mahone Bay

Trip Details

Distance Covered:
Total distance covered in the trip between Joggins To Mahone Bay is 289.0 Kms Or 179.61 Miles Or 156.05 Nautical Miles.
Time To Travel: 180 Minutes - 3 hour(s) 0 minutes(s) is the total time taken for this trip, you can select other routes which might vary in time depending on traffic and road condition.
This short journey can be completed anytime during a day and can be done via road without any such danger.
Driving in night:
Avoid night drives, trucks and other heavy vehicles are largely active during this time. Keep yourself cafinated during night driving.
Fuel Consumption:
Average fuel consumption for this trip is calculated to be 19.27 liters of petrol Or 17.00 liters of diesel.
In case you are dirving a vehicle you are meant to cause some pollution, In this trip average vehicle pollution would be 72564.33 grams of co2 for a petrol car. Use our calculator for more accurate results..

Things to carry during any road trip

You may be forgetful during journeys so we made a list of things you should always keep with you on the road:
  • Keep your phone charged, Carry a power bank or charger if needed.
  • Carry a headphone, make your journey even more interesting with music.
  • Medical kit: A first aid kit is always handy during any journey. Keep one with you always.
  • Extra clothes for wearing during short trip or adventure trip.
  • Checkout our weather section, depending on source and destination weather difference you would like to keep clothes and things handy for summer, cold and rainy season.
  • Torch: Though smartphones are a huge alternate but you should keep a torch in case of emergecy.
  • Knife and matchbox are a must keep.

Checklist for this trip

We have made a list of things you should check before this trip. For road trips follow rule 1 - 11, if you are taking flights or train follow rules 12 - 16 .

  1. Visit your nearby mechanic and get your vehicle checked before you leave. Get a complete servicing of the vehicle, get it cleaned inside out, to have a better experience of this trip.
  2. Use our fuel calculator to get your vehicle ready for action. Get to a fuel station now.
  3. During a sunny day carry some extra water.
  4. Carry a blinders glass to keep that high beam away during night.
  5. Keep yourself hydrated and know your body before a road trip, visit a medic or doctor if necessary.
  6. Carry your daily consumable medicines and other stuffs.
  7. Pack your shorts and sandals for a comfortable journey.
  8. Keep road asistance number handy. Call 1800 103 1958 or 109 for ambulance or 100 for any other emergency.
  9. Get a fastTag for avoiding toll booths.
  10. Don't carry many valuables.
  11. Carry tickets for your trip, Air ticket [Boarding pass] or Train Ticket.
  12. Book your cab in advance. Book your Uber now.
  13. Start early for reaching Airport or Stations for avoiding ticket cancellation.
  14. Pack your compact luggage, know about the luggage limit of the flight or train you are traveling in.
  15. Get your neck support or pillows to get a nap during that train or flight time.
  16. Get some snacks for your trip.
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